Analysis Of Angela Carter 's ' The Bloody Chamber ' Essay example

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Angela Carter wrote ‘The Bloody Chamber’ in 1979 it was set in the early 20th century in France, Carter showed the difference between the past and present. In the past women were oppressed and did not have any freedom, but in the present women are being treated more equally. I chose this source as it was a dark twisted story describing the role of a woman in a household and how they were actually treated behind doors. Using the short story source I changed the genre to a dramatic monologue. The genre helped shed a new light on a minor character’s experience and relationship from the source, the secondary purpose was to give some clues to why the master killed. By using a dramatic monologue I was able to establish a stronger bond between the audience and the characters, as the reader gets to know what happened to the main character in The Bloody Chamber after the Master was killed. Furthermore to emphasise the bond; Chance of Death is shown in first person narrative, a blind husband speaking to his wife. This perspective helped keep the audience the same as the source and fill a narrative gap. The gap in the source was it was only told from the wife’s view. I filled the hole by explaining how life was like as a blind man making the audience would have more sympathy towards the character that I chose to be blind since birth.

The monologue starts with stage directions of the couple together in a bedroom. “He finds her hands and takes them into his own. Their weddings bands…

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