Analysis Of Angela Aujla 's Writing ' The Article ' And ' Their Own Land '

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While reading the article written by Angela Aujla, “Others in Their Own Land”, it quickly became clear that her argument was that South Asians have been facing being “others” in Canada even if this was their home country. She shows this “other-ing” all through history up until today. Through looking at comments made by white, Anglo-Canadians, to the stereotypes South Asians have, and the questions asked, such as “where are you really from?” it is clear that South Asians have indeed been others in their own land. I was able to relate to many of the issues mentioned in this article because I am an Indian women currently living in Canada. While I thought some of her arguments felt valid and strong, there were others that felt weak and lacked proof. One of her strongest points seemed to be that there was still a lot of racial discrimination in Canada today towards South Asians. Aujla mentions that she encountered a stranger who asked her where she was originally from. She goes on to say that his question served as a reminder of her “visible minority” through her skin colour. As I read this, I thought back to all of the times that I have been asked where I was from. I also had trouble answering this question because I am Indian, however was born in England and have never been to India. Sometimes I have been asked where my parents are from if I tell them where I was born. My parents were both born in Kenya which also doesn’t give people the answer they were looking for. I…

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