Analysis Of Angel Schneider ( Aka Miller ) Essay

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Angel Schneider (AKA Miller) was born on May 21, 1981 in St. Louis, Missouri to Robert Miller and Ruby Spruell. Robert and Ruby have passed away. Robert and Ruby were a married in 1976 and both had previous marriages. Angel 's mother had three other children from her first marriage: Roger, Cassandra, and April. Roger Byers was born 4/28/69. Roger is developmentally disabled and Angel helps him with managing his finances and personal affairs. Angel sees him once a week to take him shopping and they talk on the phone daily. Roger is independent enough to live on his own and care for himself, but Angel helps him when it is needed. Cassandra Korte was born on 2/15/73. Cassandra has bipolar disorder and is and out of group homes. She does not have a stable life. Angel states that she makes contact with Cassandra once a year, due to her instablity, but they get along well. April Wheeler was born 7/3/75. April passed away in 2005. April often played as Angel 's caretaker when she was child, and their mother was ill. Angel stated that she was very close to her sister. April had young sons at the time of her death and Angel took on the prominent role in their lives.
From Robert and Ruby 's marriage they had two chlidren a son Robert of Alton, Illinois and a daughter Angel of Troy, Illinois. Robert Miller was born 9/28/77. Angel is very close to Robert. The visit with each other often and talk on the phone several times a week.
Robert, Angel 's father, worked as a machanic at…

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