Analysis Of Andrew Niccol 's ' Gattaca ' Essay

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In the movie GATTACA, Andrew Niccol illustrates his perspective on genetics. Vincent a “Faith Born” meaning he was born with no genetic impurities or modifications, is launched into a world where everyone can be identified through certain tests of any part of the body. Vincent is considered “invalid” to the GATTACA space program and decides to pay someone on the inside for his DNA, so he may pass inspection. The person on the inside is Jerome. Jerome gives Vincent his DNA so he may achieve his dream to go into the GATTACA space program. Inside the space program Vincent falls in love with an officer named Irene. Irene, Vincent, and Jerome are then swept into an adventure. The death of an officer among the GATTACA team, complicates their plan. Scientist go to great lengths to discover if a sperm or egg cell has different mutations or genetic defects. If the DNA would have a defect scientists can genetically engineer different strengths and can remove certain defects. Some motivation in Genetic engineering would be to reach new heights for science and to learn more about the human body. There are strengths in genetic alteration and overall offspring needs to be modified for humanity 's survival. Genetic Engineering should be revolutionized for the good of, tracking and defeating diseases, potential to living longer, and the ability to send our offspring to space.
To begin the possibilities to genetic engineering, genetic engineering would give us the ability to track and cure…

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