Analysis Of `` And Of Clay We Are Created `` Essay

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And of Bella’s Lottery We Are Created
When you go through a life changing event, it creates inner demons that start eating you up if you do not find a way deal with them. For example, in the film bella we see how Jose struggles with his inner demons after the dramatic events he experienced, just like Rolf does in the short story “And of Clay We Are Created.” Through the use of a variety of literary elements, Monteverde’s “bella” relates to the three short stories by showing how an impactful event helps one deal with their inner demons in order to grow as an individual.
The setting in the film and short stories plays a big role in representing the event. For example, in bella, the setting is New York City, one of the most populated cities in the U.S. Jose happened to be driving through the perfect place and time as Lucy was running out to the street. If he would have lived in less populated city, where you can walk places, there wouldn’t have been an accident leading to him getting arrested and losing his soccer career. This event created the demons inside of him. He also works at his brother’s restaurant, the same place where Nina works. He happened to be there when he saw his brother fire her. If he wouldn’t have been there, he wouldn’t have followed Nina and found out everything he learned of her. Him following her lead for him to finding out she was pregnant, and preventing her from having an abortion. He kept the baby as a way of redemption, to deal with the fact that…

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