Analysis Of Anastasia's Sexuality Plan

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Anastasia’s Sexuality Plan For this sexuality plan, I decided to use Anastasia Steele from the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy as my fictional character. I used my knowledge of the books and our lecture notes to map out her sexuality plan.
Anastasia is not particularly religious. She was raised by loving parents, but her mother had divorced and remarried several times. Anastasia is very kind-hearted and often puts friends and family before her own needs. She does not partake in any criminal activity. Like most students her age, she enjoys going out with her friends to bars and parties and occasionally gets drunk. Based on her “good girl” image, aside from the occasionally getting drunk, Anastasia would appear to not be sexually promiscuous
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She mad the choice to lose her virginity to this man, but that does not mean she made a commitment to be with him for life. Her and her boyfriend need to discuss STIs and sexual preferences together. Anastasia’s boyfriend is extremely sexually experienced, so she needs to make sure he is free of STIs before engaging sexually with him, especially if they plan to engage in unprotected sex. Since he is more experienced with sex, she needs to make sure he explains things she does not know, like certain positions, toys, and methods of contraception. She needs to make sure she has a say in their sexual activities. For example, if Anastasia decides she is not into bondage-type sex, then she should not be …show more content…
Because of this, it is important Anastasia uses contraception every time she has sex with her boyfriend. For extra protection her boyfriend should use a condom, and/or another form of barrier and spermicide methods, even if she is on another form of birth control already. A condom will also help protect from STIs.
The best birth control for her would be something she does not have to remember to take every day, since she is extremely stressed and often forgetful. Good options for Anastasia’s birth control include a vaginal ring, skin patch, injection, implant, and IUD (intrauterine devices). If she does become pregnant and wishes to stop it, she can take emergency contraception. She can also consider an abortion. If she decides to carry a child to term, she should make sure to quit drinking alcohol as soon as

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