Analysis Of An Insect's Wing

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After the death of Ina and Isak, Lola goes back to Sarajevo believing she was not going to make it alone, but finds herself in the place where her dad used to work and starts to remember good old memories she had with him. She finds Sava, “a kindly old man who had worked beside her father” (Brooks 77). After he recognizes her, they hugged and began to shed tears; he double checked the streets to make sure that no German soldier would see them. He gave her his coat and she told him the story with the Partisan unit. After walking for a block, Sava takes her to a National Museum where she waits on a bench for a long time and Sava returns back with a tall middle aged guy named Serif Kamals, then, Lola followed him leaving the building and Sava. …show more content…
I would also recommend this book to students who are majoring in History or English and like to read or are interested about the past of the Jews or similar events that Jews had to go through. I would recommend this book because it has titles of chapter in it like “An Insect’s Wing,” where it only tells you throughout the book why it is given that certain caption. Such as, “An Insect’s Wing” where is talks about a Jewish girl’s story and suffrage for months, but towards the end of the chapter Brooks states, “ As a child entered carrying a tray of tea, one small piece of butterfly wing rose…on the haggadah’s open page” (89). This piece of butterfly wing gave the chapter its name and other chapters in the book, to know how the other chapters got its name I recommend that college readers interested in the story behind the other chapters of the book read People of the Book. In my opinion, the journey of Lola going through so many difficulties to survive by escaping and hiding from German soldiers was really interesting. With her leaving her family behind and finding out they were murdered by the German soldier, then witnessing her friend’s, Isak and Ina, death and later finding her father’s friend Sava and him presenting Lola to Serif and Stela that took her in and gave her

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