Analysis of an Ethical Issue Essay

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Analysis of an Ethical Topic
Bincy Mathew
Grand Canyon University NRS-437V Ethical Decision Making in HC November 5, 2011


Nurses make decisions every day that must take into account laws and ethical standards. In order to make appropriate decisions, nurses require an understanding of how laws, ethics, and nursing interface. Nursing is a profession that deals with the most personal and private aspects of people’s lives. It is through the intimacy and trust inherent in the nurse-patient relationship that nurses become critical participants in the process of ethical decision making. Determining the existence of an ethical dilemma is the beginning step in the process that includes defining the problem,
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The two girls were very concerned about their father’s health. The wife was a housekeeper, temporarily out of a job, stressed, but made efforts to keep it on a positive note. Nurse Chacko was facing a serious ethical dilemma: She has to maintain the clinician/patient confidentiality, which is a central part of our health care system. On the other hand, nurse Chacko felt responsible for the life and well-being of the other patient’s family members. Also coming from a different culture where confidentiality is left more at the doctors’ or nurse’ own judgment, nurse Chacko had to weigh on how she has to overcome. Due to unavoidable health situations all nurses makes moral & ethical choices in their work place that affect others. The main nursing focus is the well being of patients. In this particular case the nurse Chacko must think about John Doe’s and his family values, beliefs and practices. Always ethical decision making is affected by morality, law, values and professional codes. Ethics committee plays an important role in ethical decision making. The ethics committee reviews the ethical and moral questions that come up during patient care. The multidisciplinary ethics committee represents the health care facility and the community ( community is able to educate the staffs, patients and families regarding the moral principles and process of ethical decision making. The primary responsibility of the ethics committee will be to encourage

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