Essay about Analysis Of An Ethical Dilemma Part 2

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Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma, Part 2: Spiritual Leader Interview
Paula J. Mangus
Grand Canyon University
May 9, 2015

Interview Questions and Answers
1. What religious organization are you affiliated with?
I am an ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living out of Colorado. I have the title of “Reverend” but use “Pastor” because I take care of the spiritual needs of other people, whatever that may be.
2. How long have you been a pastor?
11 years
3. How do you feel about Euthanasia?
I feel it is a person’s choice and it is different than suicide. It has to be well thought out and talked about with a team of people involved including physicians, psychologists, and family. I also think it is based more on
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People should be given every possible chance to live before a choice is made to die.
8. Do you think age matters? Would someone who is 80 been more acceptable than someone who is 20?
No I don’t believe age should matter. If I had a family come to me to talk about ending a loved one’s life, I would counsel them about the means they would take to purposefully end life. Life is precious and there is a difference to purposefully ending it and not taking extraordinary measures to save someone no matter what age they are.
9. Do you feel there should be laws in place or that the courts should have the right to decide someone’s fate?
I do believe laws are necessary and the courts should uphold the laws. I also believe that if the person has a living will that clearly states no extraordinary measures including life sustaining treatments, then the court should honor that person’s wishes.
10. What are the 3 main factors that should be in place before the decision to end life should be made by either the patient or their family?
First and foremost should be their quality of life. If they are brain dead and no chance of survival or are hooked to machines for life support, they have no quality of life. The second is that there needs to be well thought out decision made between all parties involved as well as all information given to the patient and the family about all options available. Finally, if the person has a living will and are in a coma, the living will

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