Essay about Analysis Of Amy Tan 's Two Kinds

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The society suppose so much of the next generation that will lead the world one day, it is over whelming all the hopes we need to accomplish to become the ideal generation. The author Amy Tan in the short story “Two Kinds” genuinely makes us realise how we can’t forecast people future; they need to create their own path for themselves. Growing up with people that apprehend superior expectation of you is hard, Jing-Mei suffered of her mothers hopes that she had for herself all her life. The mother had a harsh beginning of life, that she didn’t want to transmit to her daughter that she devoted so much. In the following paragraphs ill be analyzing and explaining the short story by Amy Tan “Two kinds”. Firstly, write about how the mother past affected her own daughter without realizing the consequence of those acts. Secondly, how her daughter didn’t except her mothers hopes and wishes. Thirdly, analyzing how Jing-Mei felt throughout the short story.

Firstly, the mother past affected a lot the better future that she had with her own daughter. “she had come here in 1949 after losing everything in china; her mother and father, her family home, her first husband, and two daughters, twin baby girls.” (Two kinds, Amy Tan,p.26) She lost everything coming to America, because of the Chinese revolution on October 1st 1949 she left Home. She needed to leave china for a better future in America, with this harsh twist she lost everything that she built in…

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