Essay about Analysis Of Amy Tan 's A Pair Of Tickets

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“Ticket to Self”
Amy Tan’s “A Pair of tickets” the author used the first person’s point of view and revealed the plot by referring to the viewpoints of Jing-Mei in this story. A Pair of Tickets analyses the characters, by showing a character defying society’s stereotype. And showing that you are not defined by what your surroundings or environments are, but by is whom you are within. This story analyses the setting of this story and shows how particular settings have the specific symbolic significance. Particularly when it comes to understanding and embracing her mother, things that embarrassed her she was now beginning to understand since she was learning about the history and heritage of her parents’. Lastly, this story analyses symbols used by the author to show how they are central to the understanding of the story’s conflict. The description of different colors with the environment and seasons has a lot to do with what is going on inside of Jing-Mei at that present time.
In the short story, 'A Pair of Tickets, ' Jing-Mei Woo, is a 36-year-old woman, is traveling from San Francisco and going through China with her 72 year-old father. On this trip she will learn regardless of her raising she is still Chinese and experiences her awakening once she step on the homeland of her parents. After visiting with her father 's relatives, the plan is to go see Jing-Mei 's twin half-sisters, whom she has never met. She is nervous about the trip because she is going to break the…

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