Analysis Of Amiri Baraka Play ' The Dutchman ' Essay

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In Amiri Baraka play “The Dutchman,” is basically about the relationship that blacks and whites go through in the United States during the 1960s or the Civil Rights Era. It is said that his play is based off the “Flying Dutchman.” The Flying Dutchman is basically a ghost ship that is said to sail the sea forever. In The Dutchman Clay is bound to be either killed, in jail, or just another black working under the white man. The characters Lula and Clay seem to act out what our mom, dads, aunts, and uncles went through during the civil rights era. Lula is characterized as “White America,” and Clay represents the stereotypical “Uncle Tom”. In Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman, the readers can see that the play centers around the language, characterization, and as well as identification during the 1960s.

The play opens with Clay, a young black guy, on his way to a friend 's party. Glancing through the window of the subway car he rides, he sees Lula, an attractive white woman. Lula who is like thirty years old boards the train and introduces herself to Clay who is like in his late twenties. Over the course of the slow train ride, Lula and Clay basically seduce and repel each other until Lula drives Clay to his feet and towards his destiny.. She boarded the train because she noticed him looking at her. She felt like he was looking at her “ass” and “thighs”. Throughout the play you will see that Lula temps Clay with apples, feeding him and quickly throwing the remains over her shoulder.…

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