Essay on Analysis Of Amazon 's ' The Three Major Retailors '

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The three major retailors which attracts my attention and curiosity classified in terms of several characteristics, including, the amount of service they offer, the relative price they charges, and how they organized are Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.
“We see our customers as invited guests to the party, and we are the hosts,” Amazon CEO Jeff Begos said. Amazon mission statements begins with the desire to be “earth’s most customer- centric- company,” and its practices consistently deliver on that mission. Besides, Amazon accessibility make it easy for customers to contact the business when they have the problem. So Amazon customer-centric approaches to their customers inspired or motivated me to promoting their brand. BestBuy adaptive operating model and giving the power to those employees closest to the customers some of the more important decision making responsibilities and giving store associates customer-centricity training. Putting customers at the center of the business approach inspired me to promoting their brand. As the consumer I am an advocate of Walmart (discount store), they are excellent for customers regarding price, they sell standard merchandise at lower prices by accepting lower margin. Walmart layaway and back to basic approach by gaining traction as simple strategies like cutting competitors by cutting the price down of the products; that motivated and inspired me to promoting their brand.
This is very true for retailers that, failing to clearly define…

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