Analysis Of ' Allegory Of The Cave ' Essay

1447 Words Sep 7th, 2014 6 Pages
Throughout all of the readings we’ve gone through this quarter, I’ve noticed they’ve all seemed to have a sense of realness to them. They each face issues or situations that people actually go through on a day to day basis, or have gone through in the past. I’m sure I’m probably missing the point entirely, but after much thought, “Reality” is what I’ve narrowed it down to. Of the 25+ poems and other literature we’ve read and experienced over the past 9 weeks, I feel they are ultimately based off real life.
When we read “Allegory of the Cave”, we learned about perception and truth. We see what we’re told to see and believe what we’re shown to believe. Not everything we see an experience is true. In the literature, the prisoners are led to believe that the shadows of the statues and cut outs the guards are showing them are real actual creatures. Whatever sounds the guards happen to make, the prisoners believe those sounds came from those creatures. They know no other truth. As soon as one prisoner is set free and sees what the truth actually is, he returns to the prison to enlighten the rest of the prisoners. Sadly, nobody believes him, and label him as a nut and eventually banish or shun him. This is society now. So much is going on in the world, but we’re all blind to it. All we see is what the media, whom is basically run by our government, wants us to see and believe. The truths are all hidden by who wore what at the latest red carpet event, who Justin…

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