Analysis Of Allan Poe 's ' The Tell Tale Heart ' Essay

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Edagar Allan Poe shows how a person’s inner mayhem and fear can drive someone insane through, mystifying characters, a complex plot and descriptive language. The story is told in first person, which has multiple settings in it. This narrator is telling this story from either in an insane asylum or jail. This story is mainly about obsession, madness, and guilt. The old man’s eye mad him insane and the beating heart tortured him in his head.
There are four characters known in “The Tell-Tale Heart”, the unknown character, the old man that was killed, the neighbor that called the police, and the police who came to the house. Edagar Allan Poe created dramatic characters which helped build the plot. The narrator tried to show that he was sane but in reality was crazy.” The disease had sharpened my senses -- not destroyed -- not dulled them” (Poe, 1843). The narrator was saying that his/her insanity was not destroying his mind but making it stronger. After the killing, the narrator was happy because he killed the old man and was calm when the police came. As he was talking to the police, he became nervous and the sound of the old man’s heart beat began to bury his mind. “I found that the noise was not within my ears” (Poe, 1843). The narrator realized that the sound of the old man’s heart beat was coming from inside his head and he wasn’t actually hearing it. Edagar Allan Poe had a fear of being buried alive. In the tell-tale heart, the old man’s heart beat buried the narrators…

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