Essay about Analysis Of Allan Poe 's The Premature Burial

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Literature in many respects is an art form, and like art is subjective in its interpretation. What one person may see as a literary classic another may view with little to no literary significance. Perhaps what makes literature so difficult to interpret is the reader must not only be willing to connect with the writer, but also understand the context in which the writer uses to express their work. Even with this understanding of literature the individual reader remains the judge, jury, and executioner when rendering a verdict on literary pieces. For this reason, all work, whether considered good, bad, or other share in the importance of shaping American literature. Considered one of the more popular American writers, Eagar Allan Poe contributed to American literature many new forms of writing to include the formalization of the short story; expanding science fiction; and introducing psychological analysis and symbolism (Perkins 308). Poe wrote with a dark and edgy tone often overshadowed with mystery that allowed the reader to remain engaged from start to finish. In his story The Premature Burial, Poe is able to seize the reader in a tense moment of terror when he bridges the gap of fiction and reality, as he writes “the circumstance may be fresh in the memory of some of my readers, occurred, not very long ago…” allowing the reader to become fully engulfed in the possibility of being buried alive (Poe 309). Poe is just one of many writers to overwhelmingly be considered a…

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