Essay on Analysis Of Alice Walker 's Meridian

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Alice Walker’s Meridian is a historical novel covering much of the Civil Rights Movement of the mid-to-late twentieth century, and although much of the novel is focused on societal conditions regarding race relations, Walker also explores sexual relations in place at the time. Sexual politics play a key role in setting the foundation of Walker’s argument, and is staged through her use of characterization, especially with regards to Meridian and Truman. These characterizations also shape an implied argument about gender that women are incompetent and weaker than men (mentally, physically, and emotionally), and should therefore be subordinate to them, as well as implications about racial dynamics during the time period covered in the novel.
Meridian, as the protagonist of the novel, is described in the beginning as being a woman who struggles with her identity and her place in society, and through Walker’s characterization she is able to effectively shed any preconceived notions of her sexuality as a woman or of sexual politics. From the first time we are introduced to her, it is obvious that Meridian is facing an internal dilemma between who she wants to be and who she feels she should be. One example of this is her struggle to prioritize her own morals and ethics over the social pressure she feels to make sacrifices for the cause during her civil rights work. When she decides that killing someone in the fight for civil rights is not something that she believes is just,…

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