Essay about Analysis Of Alice Munro 's ' Boys And Girls '

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To compromise one 's happiness is to give up the pursuit of a better prospect not to risk hurting the people we love, even if means that the outcome is worse than what we hope for. Alice Munro 's "Boys and Girls," the narration of the story is done by an eleven year old girl who leaves childhood behind therefore realizing that to be a "girl" is to eventually be a woman. Thus, becoming a "girl" on her way to womanhood is a time filled with difficulties for the young protagonist because she senses that women are considered socially inferior by men. With hindsight and maturity, she describes events from her childhood while providing the reader with a youthful point of view. The young narrator finds struggles through growing up in an era where gender roles are strict. Compromises to her happiness result as she proves that her resistance were useless, thus preventing her from doing what she wants. Initially, she resists the attempts of her parents and grandparents to mould her in the likes, behaviour, habits and work of women. Women were seen to have only one sole purpose which is childbearing. She would much rather take the role of a man who would be important in life than that of a females. The fact that she thinks, behaves, and dreams like a boy would, and nearly everyone in her life, forcing her to see that she is a girl, and consciously knowing that this is the life that she has to live with. Because the narrator is female, the society expects her to behave a certain way,…

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