Analysis Of Alfred Lord Tennyson 's The Lady Of Shalott Essay

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When writing a literary work the author must consider several different themes, styles, structures, rhyming schemes, or subjects to expand upon. There can be an endless combination of all these elements to create very different kinds of works like poems, essays, or short stories that can become very famous and important. What makes a literary work great? Well, that lies within the structure of that work and there seems to be a certain pattern of structure for success. Alfred Lord Tennyson was a famous poet from the Victorian era who happened to compose The Lady Of Shalott. This literary work tells the story of a cursed woman who must view the world through a mirror, but one day she sees Sir. lancelot and turns around to see him at which point she dies. This poem is very famous and to understand what makes this such a remarkable poem one must look at the structure. The structure of The Lady Of Shalott is broken up into four parts, then there is a specific and changing rhyming scheme, and two types of meter.

Initially, The Lady Of Shalott is broken up into four different parts that are equally made up of 35 lines each. The decision to divide this poem into four different sections is a very smart choice because it allows the reader to take a break and look back on what they have read. By making each part have 35 lines it creates a very smooth flowing poem that can be equally broken up and studied which is what he intended to do. It is a rather lengthy poem so anyone…

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