Analysis Of Alexander 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Alexander Alexander stood with his hands behind his back, at 31 he already felt tired of life staring at the light drizzle outside. An ugly childhood had already turned him into a cynic long before he had learnt how to spell the word. He wished for nothing more than return to his dacha in picturesque Siberia away from the rest of the world. Where the highways were made from ice, the air force comprised only of the red-breasted geese. Wolves made up the ground force, and the cavalry was actually made up of the silly looking Yakutian horses. The sky was lit with the mystical Northern Lights instead of the flares and bombs. But he had a job and a debt to pay. No matter how much he gave, he never quite felt like he 'd given enough to be free from the burden of kindness that his adopted country had shown him. Soldier. Analyst. Assassin. Terrorist. Commander. Now a negotiator. He was whatever his mother needed him to be.

Homs looked peaceful, tranquil even as the sun set over the Western mountains. The constant shelling had subsided. The mighty Russian war machine was driving the rebels towards the Mediterranean Sea. The words of promise from their allies had been just that in the end, words. It was their own fault really for believing that the Americans would actually come to their aid. . They hadn 't and all paths leading to Aleppo, the last major rebel stronghold, were under either Russian control or manned by government troops. The civilians that the CIA had been training…

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