Analysis Of Alex Haley 's Autobiography Of Malcolm X Essay

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Alex Haley’s Autobiography of Malcolm X and Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains are books that create a controversial matter with keeping, reaching out and challenging their readers. Most of all both of these books mainly have the issue with the white readers. Both books similarly challenge their white readers by criticizing them and or creating an image or situation that offers them a way out. Paul Farmer’s and Malcolm X’s mediator’s, Tracy Kidder and Alex Haley, play a major role in these books. Kidder and Haley support Malcolm X and Paul Farmer’s messages that they want to convey. This is because these two mediators include the specific details that the two authors wish to add. Also, the mediators offer further insight on the time period and situation in the book to try and help readers, which they could be offending, understand the circumstances in which these cases and things are being said.
The Autobiography of Malcolm X, by Alex Haley, creates situations where a white reader may justify this moment as the “way out” or the moment that allows them to stop reading because of racial conflict or comments that discontinue a reader’s interest. A great example was the time when Malcolm had just been admitted to jail and had nothing left. Malcolm’s brother, Reginald, visits him to help him to understand and to take on the Muslim religion. The part that challenges and offers the white reader is a way out is when his brother, Reginald says “ The white man is the…

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