Essay on Analysis Of Aldous Huxley 's ' Brave New World '

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During his time in prison, Adolf Hitler wrote that people should, “Be proud of...people when [they] don 't have to be ashamed of [their] social class.” Social class has always been an issue in the world, and one of the largest separating factor between people. As Ellen Brantlinger wrote in her novel, Dividing Classes, “Social class divides how students participate-or do not participate-in activities, and it influences peer acceptance and rejection.” Participation in school activities have a very large effect on a person’s life, and social class can diminish this effect. However, some schools have constantly been underfunded, some schools have been well overfunded, and some schools have been barely holding on to their debts. In Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, Huxley predicts higher education encouraging social class division because of funding issues and racial division.

A belief that education “is the arena in which the United States has sought to overcome racial domination and class hierarchy,” is what journalist Jennifer Hochschild sees, but overtime, the American war on removing social class has fallen to a very minimal level of effectiveness. A majority of students are now being measured by their earning prospects and their living conditions. Lower class students have less opportunities to receive scholarships, and cannot receive the proper training they need to work. But is school to blame for this? Hochschild later says that “Overall, about a third of the…

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