Essay about Analysis Of Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World

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Individuality is lost and brainwashing has become unescapable. The reoccurrence of the hypnopædic phrase, “every one belongs to every one else” has been drilled into the minds of each young individual, a rough sixty-two thousand times (40). Familial attachment and love are discouraged and individuals have become interchangeable parts of society. This created culture can be seen in Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, where individuals are shaped for the purpose of contributing to society in a positive and constructive way, allowing the whole of society to move smoothly without opposition. The novel portrays a society that has been conditioned in their ability to understand the world. With this altered understanding individuals are unable to comprehend anything but the only way of life they know; individuality is impractical, conformity is bliss and societal stability is everything. Although there is an effort to develop a positive response in society, the overall message will not be masked; conformity and stability are the ultimate goals of society.
Through the dialogue of the Director (D.H.C) at the beginning of the novel, Huxley is successfully able to immediately establish a loss of individuality and uniqueness in society. The facility in which the D.H.C gives a tour to the children is a facility in which human eggs are developed chemically rather than naturally conceived. He establishes the difference between the social classes immediately (alphas, betas, deltas and…

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