Analysis Of Aldous Huxley 's ' Brave New World ' Essay

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Brave New World is a novel published in 1932 by Aldous Huxley that is marked by dystopian and futuristic predictions. Aldous Huxley was born in 1894 to an upper-middle-class family. Aldous’ grandfather, Thomas Henry Huxley, helped develop the theory of evolution (Aldous Huxley: The Author and his Times). His entire family was marked by intellect and distinguishment and it had, without a doubt, an effect on his adulthood. Gerald Heard, a family friend, stated that Huxley’s ancestry, “brought down on him a weight of intellectual authority and a momentum of moral obligations” (Astrachan 1). Huxley received his degree at Oxford, after which, he returned to the preparatory school he attended, Eton, to teach French. Among his pupils was Mr. Eric Blair, who would later go on to write under the name George Orwell (Aldous Huxley Biography, Cliffnotes). Many similarities have been noted between Orwell’s principle novel, 1984, and BNW. It is remarkable how these two men wrote about a tyranny in a futuristic setting without ever collaborating. While Orwell used the backdrop of the allies defeating Nazi Germany and discovering the full extent of Soviet totalitarianism (Astrachan 2) in order to wrote his novel, which takes place in an England ruled by Communism and the always watching “Big Brother”, Huxley had no such inspiration. He wrote his novel before the powerful dictators Hitler and Stalin took power. His novels did not take their terror elements from current world events. In 1958…

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