Essay about Analysis Of Alden Nowlan 's ' The Boat ' By Alistair Macleod

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“Tradition, long conditioned thinking, can bring about a fixation, a concept that one readily accepts, perhaps not with a great deal of thought.” –Jiddu Kirshnamurti. When there is a strong tradition followed in a community, it is a major component in shaping the citizens beliefs. It is often the base for the society’s cultural and societal norms. This is regarded in Alden Nowlan’s play The Dollar Woman during multiple circumstances. As well as in the short story “The Boat” by Alistair MacLeod, Kakenya Ntaiya’s TED talk “A girl who demanded school” and the short story “The Persian Carpet” by Hanan Shaykh. Firstly, traditions are generally passed down in a family or community and they often become almost impossible to break free from as they are the common belief and the norm. Secondly, if someone is living with poverty or must follow strict rules in their society, it forms a tradition and everyone begins to accept and not challenge it. Finally, throughout the world many cultures exist and they all have their own traditions. This leads the individuals to have various beliefs, which impacts them in multiple ways. The majority of people have a tradition they follow, whether it is large or small, it is usually passed from generation to generation. This makes it very difficult to stop participating in it, which impacts the future generations’ lives. In the play the most powerful tradition is the selling of the paupers. Lewis’s father drove the paupers throughout the Parish in a…

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