How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Of An Advert

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Task: 1 Advert

1. Alcohol is portrayed in a very negative light. It is portrayed as a substance that will make teenagers do thing that are undignified and things that they will regret in the future. Alcohol is portrayed as something that can make a person engage in harmful and violent activities. We see this from the boy’s advert when he violently rips out his earring and gives himself a bloody nose by slamming the cupboard door into his face as this shows alcohol is capable making one perform and self harm and when he breaks his CD player, the advert shows that alcohol is capable of making someone harm something or someone else. We see from the girl’s advert when she rips her shirt and her stocking that alcohol is also portrayed as something that can cause
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Alcohol is also indirectly portrayed as something that leads to the consumption of more alcohol, which leads to a person becoming very drunk and is therefore very dangerous to teenagers and young adults. The advert is therefore sending teenagers the message that they must not drink excessively and should know their limits and the amount of alcohol they can handle.

2. Firstly, the advert has an impact on the values and beliefs of parents of young adults or teenagers. Since parents value their children’s safety and overall wellbeing, they do not want their children to be in any of the possible, dangerous and undignified situations shown by the advert. Often, parents have the belief that it is better to turn a blind eye on their children’s activities as they feel they can do nothing to stop or prevent. The advert has an impact on this belief and the displays of the possible dangers or harm of alcohol urges parents at least to try intervening and doing what they can to assure their children’s safety. And because they value their children’s

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