Essay about Analysis Of `` Alastor `` By Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Percy Bysshe Shelley was born into a wealthy family living in Sussex in the year 1792; and he would grow to become one of the most iconic poets of the nineteenth century. Growing up with four sisters will influence any young boy, therefore we could assume this encouraged the poet to spark inside Shelley’s mind. His poetry is filled with romantic motifs of the seasons, as well as an interest in pantheism; he also shows great admiration for the human mind. The latter will be the focus for this research; predominately the human mind affected by solitude, and Shelley’s poem “Alastor”. By delving into Shelley’s personal life, previous research, and developing ideas of my own, I hope to have a better understanding of the ambivalence of solitude, where Shelley makes solitude both necessary for vision and destructive to human life.
As a child, Shelley was described as “naturally quiet and abstracted” but “lost control of his temper when subjected to baiting” (Biography pg 17). He was teased quite a bit for his ignorance of classic games like marbles, also for his physical appearance and personality which was described as “a girl in boy’s clothes, fighting with open hands” (Biography pg 17). Shelley decided that this was not how he wished to live his life, therefore, committed himself to a life of nobility, which Jean Overton Fuller has explained this revolt as “a form possible only to one in whom a superior soul was innate” (Biography page 17). He would go on to study at Eton, where…

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