Analysis Of Alan Paton 's Cry, The Beloved Country Essay

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The Author, Alan Paton, is a dedicated and opinionated Christian, linking his writing to his beliefs. Since he was born, he has been a Catholic, giving him a deep religious background. Because of his deep Catholic background and what he’s done because of it, Bishop Clayton named him a member of a diocesan commission appointed ‘to discover what it believed to be ‘the mind of South Africa””(Callan, 35). He also developed a strong conscience because of his theological virtuesd. “Because I am Christian I am a passionate believer in human freedom, and theredore in human rights””(Blooms). Being such a passionate christian really made a big part in making him who he became and really was the foundation for events in “Cry, the Beloved Country”.

Paton’s religious philosophy played a huge role in his life. His faith structured all his decisions and actions as he was growing up and evolving as an author. “His Christian Creed was probably best summed up in practical essentials: to uphold human rights and dignify; to lift the down trodden; and to promote a common society in opposition to the polarization of Apartheid”(Alexander,434). He also said he “believes in a God who affirms the goodness of creation and the potential goodness of people”(Hestenses, 106). This is really important to know if you are trying to understand Paton’s faith. Another quote to know to understand his faith is “Christianity was for him a religion in the fullest sense: it provided him with an all embracing…

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