Analysis Of Alan Paton 's Cry, The Beloved Country Essay

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Discrimination is an issue that is present all around the world. However, discrimination used to have a much more dominant presence in the city of Johannesburg during 1948 the time of which Alan Patton was writing Cry, the Beloved Country. Throughout the book, the characters Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis both encounter experiences of discrimination. These experiences assist Paton in showing the racial discrimination issues within Johannesburg. Alan Paton’s use of telling the book through the eyes of two characters of which one is black and the other is white shows that racial discrimination can be overcome and result in working together.
Johannesburg during the time period of when Alan Paton wrote Cry, the Beloved Country, the city was in a very broken state. Specifically, the native black people were taken advantage of and forced to turn to crime due to the lack of jobs and opportunities. Because of this, blacks were considered to be less intelligent and in addition, would never be more successful than a white man under any circumstances. To put it another way, within one of the papers written by Arthur Jarvis, he states many of these assumptions that blacks are inferior to whites and how whites justify these actions through Christianity. “He(God) gives the Divine Approval to any human action that is designed to keep black men from advancing”(Paton pg.187). Because of these assumptions and how they are considered to be truthful and completely justified, the powerful men…

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