Analysis Of Alan Chang 's Life Essay examples

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Alan Chang is a 25-year-old male, who came to the local clinic with concerns about his relationship to his girlfriend Lani Garcia. He has been seeing her now for nearly three years and states that the relationships has cooled. He had hoped that he and his girlfriend would one day marry but he is now doubtful that will happen. When discussing his relationship with Lani, Alan appeared depressed. He stared at the floor and his voice lowered. Alan reports that he gets along well with Lani’s family. He even states the he treats Lani’s father like he was his real father. Alan also reports that Lani’s father has been sick for a number of years and appears to be getting worse. Lani’s father suffers from diabetes and is currently on insulin. He has been on sick leave for nearly three months after a cut on his toe became infected requiring surgery. Alan suspects that he will soon be forced to leave work for medical reasons. Lani has been going home every evening after school to help care for her dad while their mom is at work. As a result, Alan and Lani have not been spending a lot of time together. Alan has self-diagnosed himself as depressed. He also states that he feels hopeless, because he is just watching Lani hurt, and just watching Lani’s father die. He goes on to mention that he would not tell Lani about how he truly feels, because he believes that she has enough on her plate to worry about. Alan also explains, that he does not know how to be there for Lani,…

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