Analysis Of African American Reparation

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The primary method of research that is utilized in this paper is a historical analysis. The topic at hand is reparations improving the lives of African Americans, which needs much historical background. In this paper, German-Israeli and Japanese reparations set the precedent for the current topic of African American reparations. African Americans have yet to receive any reparations for slavery so the only way to estimate the impact of reparations can be seen. Since reparations have yet to happen a historical analysis is the only logical methodology for this topic.
A historical analysis is defined as “an integral component of the study of history. Specifically, it entails interpretation and understanding of various historical events,
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Since they have yet to receive these reparations there is no way to foresee all of the possible effects. In the event that African Americans do receive reparations they will be the biggest group of people have ever receive them, and there is also the immense question of who will receive reparations and who does not. The gap in the information will disappear if in fact African Americans do receive reparations. Until such a time arrives, a historical analysis is the best way to hypothesize about the possible outcomes. RESULTS
“Committing yourself to a solution before you have any idea whether such a solution is workable is not a responsible reaction to America’s racial dilemmas,” (Frum, 2014). When reparations are concerned, there are two radically different opinions on what is warranted. In order to fashion, a solution that is viable all the facts and prior events must be taken into account.

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A fact that must not be overlooked is that the descendants of slaves that came to the united states have a better quality of life than the descendants of those who stayed. The Foundation for Economic Education writes that the descendants that stayed in Sub-Saharan Africa are living in some of the poorest and worst living conditions in the world. In these countries, the quality of life is not even remotely comparable to those of the United States. Citizens of the United States are fortunate to live in a fluid society. The social hierarchy in the United States is very fluid, in this society, there are many opportunities to go from one social class to the next unlike in other

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