Analysis Of Addison Gayle 's ' The Black Artist ' Essay

1110 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
Addison Gayle’s main argument is that if Blacks are not angry, then they are not Black, which is seen as de-Americanization. According to the literature from Gayle, “The black artist in the American society who creates without interjecting a note of anger is creating not as a black man, but as an American” (Gayle 1912). The misconception here is how readers view his claim peculiar because Blacks do not always have to be angry to prove that they are Black, as if Gayle is saying that being Black but not angry removes them from blackness. Blacks can be proud and not angry, right? The last thing Whites want to see from the Blacks that is stereotypical is anger because Black people are seen as savages, which is “double consciousness.” But can Blacks be righteously angry? In the spirit of any social justice, Blacks only want to be angry if they are outraged at something in society. It is not always when a person is Black and angry that they are fulfilling the stereotype. What is standing as a dilemma for King and along with the people behind the Civil Rights Movement is the complexity of most Americans. There are plenty of Black people who see injustice in the American society because the American dream is only tangible for those given the opportunity to succeed. Based on America’s brutal history of slavery, we see that blacks will always be at a disadvantage compared to their white counterparts. Therefore, Blacks should be empowered to be Black and proud, with a little bit of…

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