Analysis Of Adam 's Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Analysis of Adam’s Ethical Dilemma
Jennifer Pierce is working as a trainee at MegaDrug. Mercury is a national retail pharmacy. There, Jennifer does some regular things. One day, she is allocated to restock some shelves. During the restocking process, Jennifer notices that the company’s own-label medicines are greater than name-brand medicines. This is an issue for patients obviously. When Jennifer reports this to Tony the manager, Tony’s response and answers seem weird. He explains the situation by saying that there might be a shocking error. Also, he adds that they should encourage customers to try the own-label medicines instead of name-brand ones. The reason is simple. Own-label medicines can make more profit. Even with some customers’ complaining, to Tony, it is still worth trying more own-label medicineS. Therefore, the dilemma is that if Jennifer agrees on this kind of stocking error, it means that customers will have fewer options when dealing with their allergyY. If Jennifer does not agree on it, it might be possible to lose a certain part of profitt. Major stakeholders associated with this issue are clear. First one is Tony the manager. He obviously wishes to hold the stocking situation like what it is. Being dependent upon his words, such kind of stocking be, to some extent, force customers to choose the own-label medicines. And this kind of medicine make more profit, which leads to more income to the manager, apparently. The second stakeholder is Jennifer. For…

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