Essay on Analysis Of Adam Smith 's Article

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In Adam Smith’s article, he mentions several situations of different works or jobs effecting human beings’ life. First of all, Smith states that simple operation, which does not require high intelligence and much thinking, usually leads the worker to become “as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become.” In other words, due to the mechanical work requires each individual to focus on the job he or she has, most individuals slowly lose the attention to other thing that does not relate to his or her job, and mechanization of work causes the lack of innovation and the torpor of peoples’ minds. On the other hand, Smith mentions another society in which most people have their duties to do different work is able to keep the invention alive so that the mind will not fall into drowsy stupidity. Therefore, Smith tries to demonstrate that touching new thing and various fields for exercising mind is very necessary to an individual.
After Smith demonstrates the influence of work to people’s mind, he shows the relationship of work and education of different groups, people of some rank and fortune and common people. For people who have some rank and fortune, they can easily get education as they are young with their wealth and leisure time, so they are able to spend time and attention on thinking for improving their intelligence, and they become more complicated than common people who are simple and uniform before getting into particular business, profession,…

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