Essay about Analysis Of Abraham 's ' The Book ' Of Genesis '

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The story of Abraham in the book of Genesis is an elaborate narrative describing the events of his life. Through many trials Abraham and his wife Sarah give birth to their son Isaac who God had promised them. Through Isaac, Abraham is promised that the nations will be born. However, in this verse we see a significant moment in Abraham’s life where he is asked to sacrifice this promised son. He moves in obedience and does not falter in obeying God. He prepares Isaac and takes him up the mountain. As Abraham prepares to sacrifice his promised son we see God’s divine intervention.

This verse is a powerful and clear narrative of the faithfulness of God, His ability to provide, and what He can do through our obedience. Throughout the book of Genesis we are shown how God uses the imperfect to develop His perfect plan for the world; the story of Abraham’s life is an extension of this and a story of great faith told in narrative form to inspire, teach and instruct future generations of God’s faithfulness and the importance of human obedience.

For those reading and studying the scriptures in Old Testament times before the birth of Christ the life of Abraham would have been a key teaching in obedience and faith. Through many trials and tribulations in his life and after much failure and heartache Abraham displays this act of ultimate lordship, choosing within his heart to sacrifice his son. Even to the point of placing his son on the altar. Abraham lived a life…

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