Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

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Mindy Phan
August 25, 2014

Civil War Journal
Based on Seth Graham-Smith’s
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

People of the Civil War

1. Sec. of State William Seward

Because of his prominence and support in the Republican Party, William Seward earned his position as the nation’s Secretary of State from 1861-1869, under Abraham Lincoln. William possessed the trait as an active abolitionist and contributed to the abolishment of slavery. In Maryland, he gave his overt suggestion to Abraham on waiting for a Union victory before passing the Emancipation Proclamation so that the government could “prove their abilities in enforcing the Proclamation” ( By doing so, the Union gained a huge advantage in the war against the Southern states and the equality of men was well on its way because of William’s assistance in Lincoln’s administration.

In the novel Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, William Seward stands as Secretary of State, a prominent position for the protagonist, Abraham Lincoln and his Cabinet. Being highly sufficient for the job, Seward is characterized as being “one of the leading antislavery voices
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Booth despises the very existence of the protagonist, Lincoln revealed through his assassination of the president at Ford’s Theater. Known as the killer of Abraham Lincoln, he signifies the death of Lincoln as he leaves an ominous feeling around Abe and his bodyguard, Lamon. Booth’s actions of kidnap, threat, and killing also depict the theme of karma because not only do they lead up to the loss of Lincoln, but his own life as well. The story reminds readers that a person brings either good or bad results upon themselves, depending on their actions. In this case, someone who kills will only receive a negative

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