Analysis Of A Sunrise On The Veld By Doris Lessing

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Doris Lessing was a British prose author that wrote a verity of things including short stories, plays, novels, small screens, etc. She was a member of the African and British Communist Parties, which she tied into many of her works. Not only this, but many events that happened throughout her life show up in several of the things she wrote. Doris Lessing used animals in many of her works as symbols for different things. The major themes that Doris Lessing uses in a lot of her short stories are based on the nature of the universe, humanity, the rite of passage, the struggle of life, and the beauty of the land. Doris Lessing has many popular short stories. One of these famous short stories is called A Sunrise on the Veld. During this short story, a young boy discovers the meaning of life. At the beginning of this story, he was full of excitement and had a positive attitude towards life. He soon discovered that all living things must die. When he discovered this, he was “not ready for pain, loss, and …show more content…
This short story was about a young girl who has an encounter with Chief Mshlanga. His son worked for the young girls parents. At this time, Africans were treated differently: “It was even impossible to think of the black people who worked about the house as friends, for if she talked to one of them, her mother would come running anxiously: come away; you mustn’t talk to the natives” (Lessing 472). White children were taught to defend themselves by mocking and humiliating black children (Mauder). Within this short story, the theme of African landscape was portrayed again. The major theme in this short story is beauty of the land. Again, this theme was very important to Doris Lessing because she grew up with the African landscape. As the young girl learns more about Chief Mshlanga and his people, she realized that the land her own people now own was once Chief Mshlanga’s and his people’s

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