Analysis Of ' A Small Place ' Essay

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This literary caricature asserts that diaspora is not just an issue for colonised people living in England, but rather, a state of global displacement and identity confusion that has never been experienced before (Iyer 19). The cause of this universal placelessness and developing monoculture originates from technological advancements in communication and transportation which allows human beings to establish a sense of connectedness in today 's borderless world (Iyer 19). Although, Iyer states that this sense of connectivity is ultimately artificial, as global souls have no communal affiliations or obligations and instead, establish a fluid identity where the cultural internalisation of "one country 's not enough" (19). Hence, the contemporary definition of hybridity is not limited to the amalgamation of two cultures but is extended to encompass a number of cultural values and practices based on a person 's geographical location, travel experiences and heritage.
By broadening the concept of hybridity to include temporary cultural experiences, like those acquired while travelling, Jamaica Kincaid 's novel A Small Place can be seen to exemplify Iyer 's concept of the global soul. This is evident as the author imaginatively constructs the reader as a global citizen who establishes artificial, and temporary, connections to the Caribbean nation of Antigua. Hence, the reader 's awareness of their role as a literary construction indicates that they have no real intention to…

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