Analysis Of A. S King's I Crawl Through It

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Two friends, Stanzi and Gustav, have at least two things in common. They are individually exceptional to their high school class and they both have their own personal discrepancies. Together, they start to pick at their issues, unraveling that knot as they both reach the point where the two of them, at the same high school, become fed up with feeling confined within the same routine at school, as well as being tired of their own personal battles. Ready to liberate themselves, the teens proactively seek change. A.S King’s main point in I Crawl Through It, is to show her audience how one can successfully depend on their friend to get over personal issues by resorting to one another, or by simply escaping reality. King starts the novel in a high school that has been receiving multiple bomb threats a day for an entire month. As a result of the threats, students undergo excessive drills. They never get a break. The pressure is on not only to find the anonymous source of the threats, but for the …show more content…
Gustav is also an intelligent young man. His case is that he is an overachiever, but he is arrogant about it and chooses to be introverted. He believes humans were born to challenge themselves but instead they are like insects and he argues that school is not enough. To dare his abilities, Gustav worked on an invisible helicopter for nine months. He had optimism that he could fly them to their getaway that has no departures. Stanzi could only see it on Tuesdays. Perhaps their friendship and Stanzi’s desire to have a relationship runs on hope. “It’s like a lottery” (King 62). Their future together runs on chances but they don’t take advantage of any of them to be together. Once the helicopter was built, the two were on their way to their new resort with no plans to come back. The resort was a hidden island meant for people with the highest IQ scores, the ideal place for these two social

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