Analysis Of ' A Dusty Road ' By Zora Neale Hurston Essay examples

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On a dusty road in Eatonville lies a general store with a porch. Sitting, black, wisecracking men banter over each other’s shortcomings, play checkers, and enjoy food. Behind the open door, in the muggy shade of summer, sits a lone woman, sitting, wishing, waiting. Waiting for something more, something to change in this relationship of a “love” lost long ago. This woman, Janie, stands and glides to the melting light of a golden sunset, bringing food and drinks to the men outside. Her sullen look could burn logs, if only it had dry flint to observe. Janie quietly realizes she chose the wrong life and man.Through her explorations of a black woman’s role in society in the early 1900s via Janie’s relationships, the author, Zora Neale Hurston, argues that love is not something one chooses; it finds its way into the cracks of a heart, seeping in unbeknownst to its patron. However, while love is largely beneficial, the expectation of love often negatively affects its patron.
Janie’s first interaction with the seeds of love materialized over the gatepost of her childhood. While Janie did not fall in love, her physical and emotional attraction to a male created a matrix on which she could judge future events. Janie’s deciding that her “conscious life had commenced at Nanny’s gate,” (10) illustrates the impact that Janie’s raw emotion had on her life. Furthermore, “the golden dust of pollen” (12) which “beglamore[s]” (12) her eyes exudes the feeling of lost innocence surrounding…

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