Analysis Of A Domestic Dilemma By Carson Mccullers

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Summary: Researches the problem of alcoholism and describes its effect upon families. References the short story "A domestic Dilemma" by Carson McCullers. Describes how the character Emily drinks to ease her pain of making a move from the south to the north.
Ever since the Meadows family moved to New York from Alabama, something has been different. Martin would come home every night to the sight of his wife tippling around the house. Martin 's wife, Emily had become an alcoholic. It was bad enough that Martin had to hire a house keeper to clean the house and look after their two children, Andy and Marianne. One night Emily had dropped Marianne on the corner of the table. It was not her intension, but she was just not coordinated enough to handle
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Most of the time it begins with experimentation, then moves on to regular use. Then before you know it, it develops into an addiction. Once a person gets addicted to something it becomes the focus in his or her life. The person then develops a tolerance to the alcohol. A tolerance is when it takes more and more of the alcohol to reach the original effect. And a lot of times when tolerance is reached a person may start to steal, or lose trust in their family and friends. Full addiction is reached when a person drinks because it is the only way the person thinks they can feel normal. It is no longer fun or pleasurable but it is necessary for the person to function. This happens because the alcohol addiction affects the brain, causing it to function differently. The brain doesn 't work the same way it used to. And that 's why an addicted person will continue to drink despite all the bad things that happen to him or her.

There are many reasons to why a person may become an alcoholic. Some may include, having friends that drink, having the lack of willpower not to drink, parents behavior, a person having a bad financial status, mental illness, childhood experiences, a problem personality, or an inherited tendency toward drinking. These reasons were published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). "Emily had laid
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Alcohol structures an alcoholic 's life. Most activities the person performs become driven by the alcohol abuse. The activities can include: lying, stealing, or acting violently toward a loved one. But when alcoholics become aware of these actions they become guilt stricken and filled with shame. In order to deal with feelings of guilt, most alcoholics will deny that they have a problem. Denial is when people are unaware of or refuse to admit the amount of or how frequently they drink. They don 't believe that their addiction causes any problems.

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