Essay about Analysis Of ' A Doll House ' By Henrik Ibsen

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Torvald’s Innocence
In the story of “A Doll House” there is one particular character named Torvald that stands out. In this play Torvald is the husband of Nora, a fluttering wife whom insists of dreaming instead of managing the balances within her reality. Henrik Ibsen wrote this play back in 1879 when life was much more difficult. Life was not bad, but in those particular times women did not amount to anything, only their husbands would. The husbands managed the finances, took out loans, worked credible jobs, and made the decisions that became the household. Torvald’s character can be interpreted many different lights, however, he was not obviously represented as a threat to the main character, Nora. Nora, being the dreamer that she is, had a habit of not being truthful to Torvald on a regular basis. She went at great lengths to protect the crimes she had committed and made a convincing plea to her best friend, Mrs. Linde, that she was justified in her actions. Regardless of intentions, society has claimed a set of rules any citizen needs to live by, being trustworthy is one of them. Poor Torvald was played for a fool to find out his wife had forged a loan claiming it was on his behalf for him to heal. Although Nora was many misrepresenting things, she was not a good liar. There were times when Torvald would enter a room and she would exaggerate her actions to cover up a secret conversation she just had, she took elaborate steps to deceive the man she is supposed to love…

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