9th Grade Speeches

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9 Things You Should Know Going Into the 9th Grade: Advice from a Senior to a Freshman

Welcome to high school! After being in here for four years, you get a little sense of wisdom on the topic. That is why I am here to give you some tips as you enter the big bad world of Harrison Central High School. These are some things I’ve thought of, along with the help of my friends that we wish we would’ve known entering the first of our four years here.

Get Good Grades
I know how easy it can be to slack off in high school, especially freshman and sophomore years, because you’re thinking “It won’t matter until senior year.” WRONG. Any senior will tell you they wish they studied harder during their first years of high school, because colleges will look at those years as thoroughly as they will the
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Always walk on the right side of the hall. If we all migrate towards the right side of whichever way we’re going, traffic will move quicker and ten times smoother. The breezeway is a sacred ground, treat it that way. There’s no need to push through the crowd, because, chances are, you’ll get yelled an irritated upperclassman. Don’t block the entrances to stairways, don’t push, and stay calm. If we all take our turn and walk through there, kindly, I guarantee we’ll all make it to class on time. 6.) Don’t Mold Yourself to Fit In. Mold yourself to fit you!
It’s easy to find people that you want to be friends with, and try to make yourself believe, act like, and do the things they do. The best day of my life was the moment I decided not to care about what others think. That was the day I became myself. The sooner you come to that realization, the happier you will be. Know that being you is the very best thing you can be in life. Don’t conform into what others are because you want to “fit in”, because you will never be truly happy where you are. Find yourself, and be yourself. 7.) It’s Not

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