Essay on Analysis Of 9 / 11 : Tragedy Without Borders

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9/11: Tragedy Without Borders
September 11, 2001, a day of mass destruction that touched the lives of many. In the article “9/11 anniversary: America remembers lives lost on one of its darkest days” by Faith Karimi and Jason Hanna, Karimi and Hanna tell their audience about the tragic events that took place September 11. They memories still haunt all those who remember this horrific day. The article informs the reader of the destructive attacks from the first plane crash in the last, and then tells the readers how the United States mourn those who were lost during this awful tragedy. It emphasises the catastrophic conclusion after the attacks ended. The authors’ writing contains characteristic of the “tragic vision,” which include catastrophic conclusion of the event, the suffering of the protagonist (the US), and that the suffering of this event lead to a clarification of responsibilities. First, the result of the terrorist attacks on September 11 left a death toll of 2,977 people. On September 11, 2001 four planes crashed on United States soil that were part of a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda. Two of these planes collided with the Twin Towers, bringing the nation to tears. “A steady stream of bodies was raining down” (Chun, "Officers describe 9/11 in memos") The images of this cataclysmic event will be carved into the walls of history. Only adding from the death toll from Ground Zero. The conclusion was devastating.The conclusion was devastating; the innocent people…

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