Analysis Of 505 Reflective Essay : ' Sustained Dialogue Was Defined By Milofsky As A Model Of Peace Keeping

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CEDEV 505-Reflective Essay 1-Stegall-Fall14
Sustained dialogue was defined by Milofsky as a model of peace keeping, an offshoot of Saunders. (Lohmann, 2011, p. 167). This concept is the apex of the various concepts and an ideology discussed thus far, and is the central focal point I will use to synthesis the relevant knowledge I have obtained at this juncture in this course infusing a bit of my own personal experiences.
I outwardly focused my discussions on a region, the Southeast region of the US, and a homogeny and demographic, a predominately black, poverty stricken community of that region. Since I am fully engaged in an active project in a current community, this synthesis does not disclose identifying information about the community. Gamson spoke of rancorous conflicts verse conventional conflicts. He described such conflicts by noting, “In such conflicts, actions occur which produce a shared belief that tactics used to influence the outcome are dirty, underhanded and vicious” (Gamson 1996 p.71). In my study community, not only are the structural characteristics conducive for rancorous conflict, it is a level beyond. The best way to describe what I have witnessed for years is totalitarian control. One man or his partners are the official powers behind all of the major governmental and institutional agencies of note in that community and have been since the early 1970s.
Many outward observers would not realize the “strife and conflict” in many rural areas because…

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