Analysis Of 50 Shades Of Grey

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While doing research for this discussion, the hardest part of this discussion for me was trying to figure out what I find surprising that was popular. I would have to stem back to the “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy. This surprises me because of the content of series. I was more surprised by the audience that it was capturing. This series captured anyone from young adult (18+) to the geriatrics. From my aspect, I started to read the series and lost interest very quickly, but I do not like erotic novels. However, my grandmother who is 75 and mother in law who is 55 were completely indulged in the book series. There have been thousands of erotic novels made in history, but why is this one so more popular than the other. According to a CNN article it states that “50 Shades” is no different from what’s already being sold. The major difference is that it somehow become part of current pop culture of the zeitgeist. The trilogy …show more content…
I don’t feel for myself that I “like” new things because they are becoming popular, or that I like them before they become popular. So I am one that helps make the item popular? For example, I love music I like to find new artist to listen to. The newest artist that I started listening to is Lucas Graham and his song “7 Years”. I have never heard of him before or his music, one day I was doing some music research and found him on You Tube. I listened and I liked, so I downloaded some of his songs including “7 Years”. It went a couple of weeks and then I began to hear his song on the radio and to this day I can hear it a couple times a day. He was even on the TV show Ellen this week. So do I find myself an active part of popular culture then I guess “yes” is the answer. I paid for his music so that helped the statistics to show continued growth in popularity. I attached a link to the song/video, I hope you will enjoy the song as much as I do.

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