Analysis : Lifeboat Ethics By Garret Hardin Essay

1874 Words Sep 27th, 2016 8 Pages
Help for someone people is second nature. Helping others no matter what the circumstances may be is just instinct for them. While for others help is something they approach more cautiously it’s something they choose to do if it does not negatively impact them in the process. Help is complex and confusing. Should it always be given to those who need it? Or should help only be offered if we can offer it without risking ourselves? For some the answer is clear we should all strive to help as many people as possible. While for others it 's best to focus on our own issues and well-being instead of involving ourselves in others. Garret Hardin addresses this concept of help in his essay “Lifeboat Ethics”, he discusses several subjects such as foreign aid, and how America should not join the world food bank a proposal that at the time that this essay was published which was 1974 was being considered. In addition to this, he addresses his views on foreign aid how he believes that the United States should not help other countries in need due to the fact that it will only harm them in the long run. Hardin attempts to convince his audience that the United states should no longer provide foreign aid to countries in need however for the most part he is unsuccessful in effectively convincing his audience of this.
Hardin took a more logical approach to this topic he looked at why logically it was not in the best interest of any of the countries involved to continue to offer or accept…

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