Analysis : ' Jackalope Wives ' Essay

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Urslula Vernon’s “Jackalope wives,” is a coming together of the fantastical and the mundane, which ends significantly around the theme of choice. Specifically, closer to the end where grandmother Harken refuses her skin and quotes, “It’s different when you got a choice,” (Vernon 2014). Insofar this paper will analyze various themes of choice, such as the inability to choose, the call of curiosity and bad choices, the choices of want and necessity, and lastly the choice of upholding responsibility. In exploring the dynamic choices made by humans, in contrast to the Jackalope Wife, and how a significant aspect of the story is driven by a dividing line of decisions, either for unthought-of wants, or the responsibility of doing what is necessary.
Inability of choice and the call of nature
The First dynamic difference in the quote given from the grandmother should first be speculated in how the creatures are introduced to the story. The Lore of the Jackalope Wives is they come out routinely on the “half–moon, when new and full were balanced across the saguaro’s thorns, they’d come down to the desert and dance” (Vernon 2014). However, they’re adhering to an animalistic side of their being, which is evident when they take their skins off, and “dance like devils” in comparison to the binary of dancing divinely, or gracefully (Vernon 2014). For the creatures are called by the signifier of the moon, and they adhere to it. Additionally, using the half-moon as a signifier to natural…

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