Leadership: Model The Way

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“Model the Way”

• A leader must lead by example. Therefore, it is essential that leaders not only understand their values, but also strive to uphold them. However, it is critical for a leader to listen to and respect the values of others while working to identify the values that the group shares. In conclusion, others should be able to see the values and beliefs of a leader based upon his behavior, and a leader should attempt to conduct himself in a manner that demonstrates his values.
• My next steps include clarifying my values and determining the specific values that I share with the groups and organizations I am involved with. Additionally, it is crucial that others are informed of my values based upon the way I act.

“Inspire a Shared
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With the past in mind, leaders will inspire their group to create a brighter future. However, leaders must first be attentive to their group and find out where their passion lies. Then, the leader can propose their project to the group; this project should involve a subject that the entire group is passionate about, not only the leader. A leader that exhibits eagerness and exhilaration at the mere thought of accomplishing a goal will motivate the entire team to do their part. Similarly, if the group is interested in the project, then they will be more willing to work towards completing …show more content…
Innovative thinking is a leader’s most powerful tool. While they may discover a new method for completing a task themselves, a leader should also consider suggestions from their group and even outside sources. A leader who encourages creativity results in a team that produces original ideas.
• I struggle with the fear of failure, and I want to overcome that. In order to become a leader, I need to step outside of my comfort zone and take risks. While this will be difficult for me, it is important that I, as well as the others that I work with, feel comfortable suggesting new, original ideas, especially as we begin doing group projects.
“Enable Others to Act”

• A leader must be able to effectively communicate and instill trust with their group. Forming meaningful relationships and collaborating with those individuals is a critical aspect of leadership. Furthermore, leaders must be able to offer support and encouragement to their team. The leader is the glue holding the team together; without them, some members would be overworked, some members would be ignored, and some members would not have any motivation

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