Essay on Analysis : ' Having Cried Wolf '

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Having Cried Wolf does a lot of work in only a short amount of space. Gretchen Shirm does so by taking on multiple characters’ stories, including different perspectives and interwoven storylines, all the while being chock full of vivid imagery and carefully crafted with literary techniques such as similes and metaphors. She also gives such specific, detailed, and relatable examples, appealing to multiple senses that make the reader feel almost as if they are actually there. For me, all of these techniques make the book more relatable, which in turn makes it come to life in a way. Similes are sprinkled throughout the book; some more poetic while others are simple and mundane comparisons, some that set the scene while others do a nice job of indirectly describing a character. Shirm does not hold back when it comes to the amount of similes used, which is a literary technique that I actually enjoy and employ in my own writing. I think there is never such a thing as too many similes, especially in this novel because each one paints a colorful, concrete image for me. I know exactly what the narrator is seeing as I’m reading because of the specificity of the similes. Some similes, used to describe a character, are ones such as “Why did the sight of cooked potatoes, ready to burst from their skins, make her feel as if something was pressing against her skin?” A crushing weight against the chest is a relatable feeling, but using cooked potatoes as a comparison adds more tension and…

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